Simply Flyfishing

Simply Flyfishing

Flyfishing is expensive in Argentina. We designed the itinerary beow for our more price conscious clients who are happy with a no frills expedition to a river where they can have a challenging and rewarding day coaxing trout from the water.


Arroyo de Quebrada  (Manzano Histórico, Tunuyan, Valle de Uco)

We leave Mendoza at 8.30am and arrive at El Manzano Histórico approx 11.30am. Arroyo de Quebrada is a fast running mountain stream that cascades down a valley connecting Argentina and Chile. Here we spend the day fishing trout and admiring the stunning scenery while fishing at the many pools and rapids. Fishing successfully here requires a high degree of accuracy and we cast using floating lines with dry or nymph flies. Trout here is plentiful and ranges from medium sized rainbow to brook, with some weighing in at over 1kg. We can also fish using spinning reels. At 1pm we take a break and have a simple sandwich lunch by the riverside. At 5pm we pack up and reach Mendoza at around 7pm.


Price   per   person   $240 US   (payment by credit card or Paypal)


Cash price: $210 US per person (dollars or equivalent in pesos)


Single fishermen welcome: $280 US (cash)




Please note that the river is narrow and fast moving. Waders are not required as you fish from the bank but you will get wet. Therefore please wear sturdy, tight fitting shoes that dry easy. We suggest you take a spare dry pair to change into at the end of the day. Please wear long pants and long sleeved shirts for protection against the sun and scratching.


Price includes:

Transfer from Mendoza

Fishing equipment (rods, lines) Licences


Fly fishing guide (1 guide for every 4 anglers)





**Please note - the flyfishing season runs from October to April**


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