Harvest Festival


If dancing and beautiful women are your thing then it would be a crime for you to miss Vendimia. Originally a harvest festival but over its 98 year history has grown into so much more.


Lasting for nearly 2 months over February and March, it means that any visitor coming to Mendoza has a chance to get involved in some of its proceedings. With open air cinema, traditional dancing, live music and food competitions there is something for everyone.


The pinnacle of the celebrations however is in the first week of March with a street parade of floats and beauty queens through the streets of Mendoza and the ‘Acto Central’. The queens are chosen from each of Mendoza’s departments, and it is at the ‘Acto Central’ that the grand winner is elected. Following a dramatically choreographed dance depicting the history of Mendoza with the arriving immigrants, the virgin saving the grapes from hail and various other aspects of Mendoza life there is the beauty pageant.


In 2019 the main events start on the 8th of March with the city parade and Acto Central on Saturday the 9th.


With supporters from each of the represented departments to cheer on their queen there is an air of a football match. Banners, whistles and flags all add to the color as the queen is selected. After a speech for the newly elected queen, the evening concludes with a rousing firework display.
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