This historical winery worth a visit. The Benegas family were the first to bring noble french vines to Mendoza , by carrying springs mounted on mules over  the mountains in the 1880s. The family has owned some of the most important vineyards in the region since, most notably Trapiche, now Argentina 's biggest winery. Nowadays Federico Benegas Lynch manages a boutique version of the original winery and concentrates on fewer, finer wines-most notably a great blend an excellent Cabernet Franc.This handsome, intriguing winery boasts high cane ceilings and thick adobe walls adorned with original ponchos gifted by 19th century Patagonian Indian chiefs. It exudes history. You'll note the surrounding administration and family buildings have a prodigius amount of exit doors, a 19th century architectural safety feature  with earthquakes in mind. The winery houses a delightful  collection of all the 'latest'  technology from the 1880s which includes wine stained concrete vats. A  dusty 100-year old record book adds to the sense of history and heritage.

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