La Rural

This winery owned by one of Argentina’s longest standing wine families has in  its grounds invaluable pieces of wine history. Their wine museum shows how the industry has progressed from cow hide wine presses and buckets. A walk around their sprawling displays could be a full day for any history lover. This winery makes 7 lines of still wine and 3 of sparkling with labels ranging from the popular Pequena Vasija to the classic San Philipe and the export orientated Trumpeter. Rutini are of the mind set that great wines are made and the rest are manufactured. They are tying to get back to the idea of making all their wines. For their premiums they strive for a perfectly ripe grape and use only free run juice. They have a preference for basket presses over the pneumatic. They have vines from 10 to 45 years old with vertical shoot positioning and 2,500 mostly French barrels.

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