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This Lujan de Cuyo based winery was  established over one hundred and ten years ago and is one of the best organised  for wine tourism. The tasting room is set in one of the original concrete tanks stylistically re-designed using old oak and barrel bands.The original underground barrel cellars are guaranteed to impress as is the wine. Their single vineyard Malbecs regularly receive 92+ points from Wine Spectator...(read more)


Founded in 1920, Dante Robino offers an atmospheric old-style winery with a modernist light-filled tasting room with excelent view of the mountains and vineyards. The tasting includes sparkling wine from the tank. Recommended: The Gran Dante Malbec... (read more)



This rustic 80 year-old winery houses a new venture by the prestigious chilean winery Montes. there isnothing rustic about the wines however. There are big and powerful and destined to be famous. Here you can enjoy a terrific view, dynamic tours and a friendly guiding enviroment....(read more)




One of the province’s most interesting new wineries is called Belasco deBaquedano. Here you’ll find a long, scarlet hallway known as the Aroma Room. 48 perspex stands line the walls, each emitting its own distinctive odor from an oil capsule when you flip a lever. Butter, geranium, game and musk are just some of the olfactory delights. Belasco is a state-of-the-art facility built in Mendoza’s finest vineyard zone Agrelo, a sub-region of Lujan de Cuyo. The winery is surrounded by 70 hectares of 100-year old vines in what is regarded as one of the best areas for Malbec, a source of grapes that is the envy of many a winemaker...(read more)


Situated on Ruta 7 (the road to Chile) and facing the dramatic Andes means this Bodega has fantastic views of the snowy peaks to accompany excellent wine and delicious food. Part owned by the ex-CEO of Chandon this modern, attractive winery has a heavy French influence but is most definitely Argentine...(read more)


Conducts one of the most thorough and enlightening wine tours imaginable. It encompasses a lesson on how to identify grape varieties out in the vineyard, a talk about different oak types and a tasting from tank, barrel and bottle of the same varietal. Situated 12km south of the famous wine lodge Club Tapiz, this winery provides the ultimate wine experience and even a horse and carriage ride through the vines is provided (weather permitting)...(read more)


Owned by successful Argentine businessmen who wanted to do something that "did not Involve wearing a tie" Achaval has come along way and blazed a trail for Argentine wine. The quest for quality above all else meant this was the first Argentine wine to receive 96 points from wine spectator. A fantastic few hours touring the winery with knowledgeable guides and a barrel tasting make this one of Mendoza’s top visits. The winery itself is a brand new facility closed to the wide and dry rio Mendoza...(read more)



This Bodega has a unique feature. In its underground barrel cellar one of its walls is a 3 meter cross section of the vineyard, displaying roots and rocks and the terroir that is producing spectacular wines such as the mouth watering Vistalba Corte B...(read more)



Mendel is an old winery ran by one of Argentina´s most famous winemaker dynasties De La Mota family.The company has around 10 years and produces aprox. 80.000  bottles per year...(read more)



This showcase winery is designed like a Mayan temple with high tech cellars and an attractive tasting room. The owners are credited with single handedly turning around the Argentine wine industry in the 1990s...(read more)




This is a charming boutique operation owned by the Gargantini family, who once owned Giol, the largest winery in the world.. The winery has an old style with beautiful atmospheric cellars and attractive restaurant.  The owners are the Gargantini family, who once owned Giol, the largest winery in the world...(read more)




Producing over ten million liters of wine per year makes this one of the champion brands of Argentine wine and  is famous the world over...(read more)
Owned by one of the Pulenta brothers the original owners of the Trapiche vineyard, this is something quite different from the mass production of Trapiche...(read more)



The co-owner Paul Hobbs is an American winemaker credited with making Malbec the highly regarded varietal it is today. His Bramare lavel is possibly one of the best examples of this varietal...(read more)
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