Producing over ten million liters of wine per year makes this one of the champion brands of Argentine wine and  is famous the world over. Tours here are informative and it’s always interesting to have the contrast of a large scale winery when trying to get a full understanding of wine production. Facilities vary greatly from old and quaint to slick and modern. Norton sells it wines to employees, friends and neighbors in bulk at discounted prices every Thursday and Friday. This is usually followed up by a large BBQ. For such a large winery Norton still keeps it nice touches. Vines are trained using the pergola system stating better ventilation and more distance between the ground to protect from the occasional frost. The drip irrigation vineyards are treated with the Bordeaux mixture to protect against fungus 2 to 3 times per year. Premium grapes are harvested only 1 bunch per shoot, in the mornings and yield 1.8 tones per acre.

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