Ruca Malen

Situated on Ruta 7 (the road to Chile) and facing the dramatic Andes means this Bodega has fantastic views of the snowy peaks to accompany excellent wine and delicious food. Part owned by the ex-CEO of Chandon this modern, attractive winery has a heavy French influence but is most definitely Argentine. Not long built, the facility has already expanded to twice its size to accommodate the huge demand for its wines. Ruca Malen do not make bad wine and even their lower bracket Yauquen is a  rich fruity combination of Malbec and Cabernet S auvignon and a steal at five dollars.Lucas Bustos, the resident chef, creates a menu around each label, offering surprising pairings and one of the best meals you wll have in Argentina. Established in 1999, Yields are 4-5 tones per acre but there are plans to reduce gradually. Grapes are bought from various local producers and vinification is all on site. The winery is fully air conditioned and equipped with a cooled bottle-aging cellar and near capacity underground barrel room now housing 480 barrels (80%French). They perform long macerations on the red at 77oF. Clarification is done by racking and membrane filtration. Ruca Malen wines are aged for 12 months in new oak barrels and the top wine KInien for 18 months.



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